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Support New Teachers

Successfully guide and retain teachers during their initial years in the profession. Pulled from the Global PD Library, this collection of videos will help you identify and provide the best types of support for beginning teachers.

The Dip Chart and Four Types of Support for Beginning Teachers by Tina H. Boogren

In this video, Tina H. Boogren describes the research behind combining the Dip Chart with four types of support that teachers need during their first year: physical, emotional, institutional, and instructional.

Support Beginning Teachers by Asking Targeted Questions by Tina H. Boogren

Knowing which phase of the Dip Chart a beginning teacher is in is key to providing the right support. Learn what questions to ask as Tina H. Boogren provides examples that can be asked so that support can be intentional, comprehensive, and targeted.

Keeping Great Teachers: Support System by Jasmine K. Kullar

Join Jasmine K. Kullar as she identifies different methods that school leaders can include in a formal teacher support system.