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Establish a Shared Vision

Craft a clear vision shared by your entire school community. Pulled from the Global PD Teams library, this curated collection of videos will help you establish clarity of purpose, collective commitments, and agreed-upon goals to move your school or district forward.

Every Aspect of Your School Sends a Message About Your Mission – Tim Brown

In this video, Tim Brown explains how everyone in the school needs to have a shared belief in the school’s mission and vision. We learn that this shared understanding begins with the staff and administrators and can spread to our students based on our words (the stories we tell) and our behavior (the actions we take). The video ends with Tim presenting the four norms he established for himself and his staff.

Leadership Strategy #1: Be Clear About Your Primary Purpose

In this video, we hear from multiple principals as they discuss the three big ideas they use to bring clarity and coherence to the purpose of their schools, as well as their responsibilities as principals. We learn diverse perspectives about how to maintain focus in order to achieve your school’s mission, vision, values, and goals.

Creating a Data Picture of Your School with Your Leadership Team – Anthony Muhammad

In this video, Anthony Muhammad covers two of the first pieces you need to put in place in order for your PLC to get off the ground: forming a guiding coalition, and taking an honest look at your school data. We learn that these two components aren’t the most exciting, but are essential to lead your school in the right direction.