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Address Staff Resistance

Achieve positive change by addressing the root causes of staff resistance. Pulled from the Global PD Teams library, this collection of videos will help you examine your school’s collective beliefs, build trust, overcome stagnation, and unite staff in a shared commitment to equity and excellence.

Tackling Resistance to Common Formative Assessments – Richard and Rebecca DuFour

In this video, Richard and Rebecca DuFour relay common excuses and scenarios that occur when trying to implement common formative assessments in schools. They also explain that common formative assessment is a continuous process.

Running Toward Your Resisters – Anthony Muhammad

In this video, Anthony Muhammad compares the formal culture of your school with its informal culture. We learn that resistance to school reforms develops within the informal culture, but that school leaders typically aren’t able to be a part of that informal culture. As such, leaders must acknowledge that resistance within the formal culture of school meetings.

Using Peer Pressure to Deal with Resisters – Anthony Muhammad

In this short video, Anthony Muhammad discusses how he manipulated the members of the PD groups within his school to limit the number of resisters in each group. We learn that the peer pressure of the PLC adopters, and the way that the team leaders managed the group discussions, led to greater involvement in PLC practices among the resisters.